Data Security

Don’t Be a Dave If your concerned about your data and haven’t backed up for some time, Call us now for a fast, Safe, Cheap, Cloud base data storage! Only $19.90 a month you can be assured your [...]

How to reset or change your password in windows 10

Want to change your password on windows 10?  If you find difficulty typing a long password which was accidentally  set and would like to reset it now.  We are here to help, Simply follow these [...]

How to reset iCloud password on Apple devices?

Forgot your Apple ID or iCloud Password? If you can’t remember your password dont worry We are here to help, Simply follow these steps on any apple or windows computer: – 1. Open [...]

Watch the Olympics in VR – Expected in 2024

If you’ve ever experienced true VR, you’ll understand the immense amount of immersion it has to offer. Bleeding edge giant Intel has just announced a deal with the International Olympic Committee [...]


MacBook Various Issues

MacBooks are expensive, and when all of a sudden it’s not working right, you’d want someone who knows what they’re doing to repair that MacBook for you.

laptop repair

Sometimes accidents happen, and sometimes technology breaks down. Our laptops tend to be the most relied upon piece of technology in our lives after our smartphones, and it can be frustrating [...]