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MacBook Various Issues

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MacBooks are expensive, and when all of a sudden it’s not working right, you’d want someone who knows what they’re doing to repair that MacBook for you. We’ve seen a lot of MacBooks come into our Hamilton or Tauranga lab lately for various reasons, one of which was that there was simply no more storage room available. Basically, the hard drive on this customer’s MacBook air was full and she couldn’t figure out why!

With the new Apple laptops, like the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, they have small hard drives as it is and unfortunately many of these aren’t replaceable (easily anyway!). What this particular repair job entailed was finding the folders and files taking up the most room, emptying what we could and then running a clean and tune.

Where we found the most stuff was in old backups and downloaded songs! The problem here was that the downloaded songs were not only very hard to track down, but they were also linked to a specific app, and the backups themselves needed to be verified.

We managed to clear an amazing 30GB of wasted space and made the customer very happy! But it’s not always so simple. Sometimes we’re not able to clear that much space, especially on these MacBooks, so this sort of repair job often leads to the customer buying a new MacBook and us transferring everything over.
At least when you’re buying a new MacBook, we can always help you out in not only finding the one you want but also advising on what you’ll need to store everything you want or need!

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