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Watch the Olympics in VR – Expected in 2024

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If you’ve ever experienced true VR, you’ll understand the immense amount of immersion it has to offer.

Bleeding edge giant Intel has just announced a deal with the International Olympic Committee to bring a true VR experience to viewers of the 2024 Olympics. While they’re still hashing out a few details we know that they’ll be achieving this using a combination of 360-degree cameras, artificial intelligence and drones (YES!) to capture the event.

The amount of computational power and networking already required for such an event is phenomenal and sets precedent for future events not only limited to special international events like the Olympics. As this technology progresses and becomes more efficient, combined with greater world-wide internet infrastructure improvements, it will bring us closer to being able to watch live events in an even more immersive environment.

VR in itself is exciting enough, but combining this experience with drones will allow for much closer action shots and a more cohesive and intense viewing experiences.

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